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"Asked him that..." PM Modi's brother gets emotional as he talks about PM

Post by ANI on Monday, December 5, 2022

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi's elder brother Somabhai Modi cast his vote in Ahmedabad on Monday in the second phase of the Assembly elections.

Somabhai Modi cast his vote at Nishan Public school, Ranip in Ahmedabad, the same polling booth where PM Modi had voted. Somabhai got emotional as he talked about the Prime Minister who visited him earlier today.
Speaking to ANI, the Prime Minister's brother revealed his interaction with him.

"I asked him (PM Modi) that he works a lot for the country, and he should take some rest as well," Somabhai said.

He said that the people of the country cannot ignore the kind of work that is being done at the national level since 2014, which he believed would be the basis of voting in the Gujarat Assembly elections.

"My only message to the voters is that they should use their votes well. They should vote for such a party that would work for the development of the country. The people have seen the kind of work that has been done at the national level since 2014, they cannot ignore it. People will vote based on that," he said.(ANI)

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