Srinagar farmer grows lotus stems in fields, instead of lakes
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Srinagar farmer grows lotus stems in fields, instead of lakes

Post by ANI on Saturday, December 3, 2022

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Abdul Ahad Wani from Srinagar district, often referred to as "Plantation Chacha" in his village, has grown Nadru or lotus stems in a field instead of lakes, which is a feat.

The three main lakes of the Kashmir Valley--Dal, Vular, and Anchar--are hotbeds of Nadru activity. Growing this produce in the fields was unimaginable, but is now feasible. Abdul Ahad Wani hails from the 'Khunmu' area of Srinagar. He experimented with cultivating Nadru in his fields instead of lakes and succeeded in it.

The idea of cultivating Nadru in the fields naturally came to my mind which I took seriously and sowed the seeds. Thank God it was a successful experiment," he said.

In June of this year, Abdul Ahad Wani planted Nadru in his Khetun, and his harvest is now mature. He added that they had produced four quintals of Nadru from a Kanal of land, and this number is sure to rise.

Referring to the stage during the cultivation, Abdul Ahad Wani said that they had to dig tube wells to meet the shortage of water in the fields as this cultivation requires a lot of water.

Abdul Ahad Wani sells his produce in the local market. They claim that ground-grown rice is more palatable than water-grown rice.

People come from far and wide to see this achievement of Abdul Ahmad Wani. A local resident said that he had seen Nadru grow from the ground for the first time.

"We never thought that Nadru could be cultivated in fields instead of lakes. This is a unique step," said a local resident.

A crowd of people has come to see the cultivation of Nadru in Khetun. Most people believe that this unique experience of Abdul Ahad Wani can be an inspiration for other farmers. (ANI)

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